MARATHON. The Race is Won!

In other words, MARATHON, the book I’ve been working on with writer Boaz Yakin for First Second, is now done! The experience of doing this book was difficult and exhilarating. When I first began work on it, I very much felt that my skills were not up to the task and it took a long time before I settled into it. It wasn’t long after that that I encountered health problems associated with stress and the ergonomics of my workstation. Months of physical therapy kept me in the race until I was able to get back into it at full speed. I can now look back on the project as a whole and say that it’s easily my best work to date and look forward to next year’s release with a great deal of optimism. Thanks for being there throughout the process. I’ll continue to post news and images from the book leading up to its release in June 2012.

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